The first objective is to develop and test prototype materials for controlled release of pro-myelinating and local anti-inflammatory drugs in the spinal cord and to evaluate their industrial scalability. The production technology will be the electrospunning, the versatility of which guarantees the possibility of creating customized systems. Lactic and glycolic acid copolymers (PLGAs) will be used (approved by FDA and EMA). Drugs that bind to the polymer, either in blend or by chemical conjugation, are a pro-myelinating agent and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent. The implementation phases include tests in accordance with ISO 10993 and Good Laboratory Practice.

The second objective is focused on the development and clinical validation of a measurement system that can provide an evaluation of the evidence-based rehabilitation pathway, integrating the existing clinical scales with a set of parameters derived from motion signals. The system will measure the ability to control the person's trunk with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and the kinematic characteristics of its path, in and out of water. The system will be based on non-invasive inertial sensory sensors and as a data collection and processing unit will use a smartphone.


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