Workshop “Innovative solutions for the treatment of acute neurological lesions”: june 7th @ R2B Bologna


On Thursday 7 June from 4:00 pm at Open Innovation Area of R2B (BolognaFiere) STEP-BY-STEP project is going to present and discuss the innovative solutions for the acute and stabilized phase of the acute neurological lesions developed within the project:

  • New solutions of drug delivery, by conjugating the use of biomaterials and marked anti-inflammatory and pro-myelinating drugs to ensure the therapeutic effect (reduction of inflammation and remyelination) without systemic side effects, thus overcoming the blood-brain-barrier. A surgical implantable medical device will be developed and the related industrial scalability (manufacturing, stability, toxicity) will be evaluated.
  • Measuring system for an evidence-based evaluation of the rehabilitation pathway integrating existing clinical scales with a set of parameters derived from reliable signals of movement. The system will be able to measure trunk mobility and walking kinematic features (on-land and in-water). The system will be noninvasive, based on waterproofed wearable inertial sensors, and will have an user-friendly interface.


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The project will be present during the fair (7-8 June)​

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