Step-by-Step develops innovative solutions for the treatment of acute neurological injuries. It integrates, in a scientific and technological pathway in a clinical environment, expertises of diverse industrial chains, thus ensuring cross-contamination in the training of researchers devoted to interdisciplinary innovation.

Step-by-Step has 2 main objectives:

1. Development of new drug delivery solutions based on materials and drugs already on the market, to ensure a long-term therapeutic effect (reduction of inflammation and remyelination) without side effects. Starting from the established experience in biomaterials and validated preclinical results, a surgical implantable device will be developed and its industrial scalability (manufacturing, stability, toxicity) will be evaluated in the an industrial enviroment. Some of the technological solutions will then be transferred on nanoparticles, to explit the technological results other routes of administration.

2. Clinical development and validation of a measurement system that can provide an assessment of the evidence-based rehabilitation pathway, integrating the existing clinical scales with reliable and repeatable locomotion signals, correlable to scale values. The system will be based on wearable inertial sensors, with minimum grip, weight and waterproof; will be made independent from the hardware platform and interoperable. Immediate and objective feedback and the possibility of automatic and naturally digital reporting represent a substantial advantage over the clinical evaluation of current locomotor performance.


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